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Monday, February 14, 2005

Big Dog on Ossie Davis

I was so moved by Clinton's address at the Ossie Davis memorial that I created this blog. It brought tears to my eyes, and even topped Harry Belafonte's eulogy. He smoothly incorporated Nina Simone. Democracy Now has video here.
Others who spoke included Burt Reynolds, Attila Shabbaz, and Alan Alda-- my bet to beat Jimmy Smits and be the next president on West Wing. I didn't know that Alda, whose awkwardness and sneery cynicism reminds me of my dad, is a lefty: "Ossie was my hero," he said.

Clinton's speech reminded me of election day 2000, when he was unleashed by the Gore campaign to rally the minority vote and called into WBAI. Amy Goodman and Gonzalo Aburto (who hosted the station's sadly-missed Alternativa Latina rock show) took the call, and Clinton answered a range of questions with astonishing aplomb. He grows annoyed and surly but can't let a good policy discussion drop.

Too bad he's such a schmuck.


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