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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Radio Station of the week: WPFW

I'm chilling in Vicky and Tim's house in Mt. Pleasant, DC. WPFW is sporting Marlena Fernandez' Latin Flavor show. No, no Kumbia Kings or Latin Lingo-- its a mix, so far, of nueva trova, fado, some Miriam Makeba, sones, and tangitos. Wow. At first, I thought she was speaking a language I don't understand; it took a minute to pick up that its just heavily accented spanish.

At Vic and Tim's, I'm staying in what is usually Raquel's room. The library in this little room alone is overwhelming-- Rushdie, Eco, Melville, Akhmatova, Borges, Joyce. Could spend a lifetime with these alone. Wendy would get deep exploring these shelves.


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