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Friday, May 20, 2005

Telesur: New York Times

And Now, the News in Latin America's View - New York Times: "And Now, the News in Latin America's View

CARACAS, Venezuela - The United States has CNN and Fox, while the Arab world can watch Al Jazeera or American-financed Al Iraqiya in Iraq.

Now, an initiative pushed by Hugo Ch�vez, the left-leaning president of Venezuela, will soon give Latin America Telesur, a regionwide television station that he says is aimed at 'counteracting the media dictatorship of the big international news networks.'

A venture that involves Argentina, Cuba, Brazil and Uruguay but is largely financed by Venezuela, Telesur will have a decidedly Latin feel, says its director, Aram Aharonian. The station, scheduled to begin broadcasting in July and testing its signal late this month, will show long documentaries about landless peasants in Brazil or indigenous movements in the Andes while offering nitty-gritty reports about politics and sports from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego."


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