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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hillbilly Antigone

Lookingglass Theatre Company: Productions: "Snake handlers, a soothsaying grandma and a horn headed brother lay claim to Lookingglass in a new musical inspired in equal measure by Sophocles, early country music and old time religion.

The Flicks and the Wallers have been feuding on Badd Mountain for as long as anyone can remember. Antigone Flick and Harmon Waller have created a place in their hearts where the feud can’t touch. But when County Judge and Preacher Creon Waller, espousing a flammable potion of religion and law, declares the body of Antigone’s brother Amos is to be strung up as an example of the wages of sin, she is forced to take a stand.

“...pray before you act and make sure it’s not the devil talking back...”"


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