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Friday, June 03, 2005

John Edwards book club: The Working Poor : Invisible in America

Amazon.com: Books: The Working Poor : Invisible in America: "The Working Poor examines the 'forgotten America' where 'millions live in the shadow of prosperity, in the twilight between poverty and well-being.' These are citizens for whom the American Dream is out of reach despite their willingness to work hard. Struggling to simply survive, they live so close to the edge of poverty that a minor obstacle, such as a car breakdown or a temporary illness, can lead to a downward financial spiral that can prove impossible to reverse. David Shipler interviewed many such working people for this book and his profiles offer an intimate look at what it is like to be trapped in a cycle of dead-end jobs without benefits or opportunities for advancement. He shows how some negotiate a broken welfare system that is designed to help yet often does not, while others proudly refuse any sort of government assistance, even to their detriment. Still others have no idea that help is available at all.

'As a culture, the United States is not quite sure about the causes of poverty, and is therefore uncertain about the solutions,' he writes. Though he details many ways in which current assistance programs could be more effective and rational, he does not believe that government alone, nor any other single variable, can solve the problem. Instead, a combination of things are required, beginning with the political will needed to create a relief system 'that recognizes both the society's obligation through government and business, and the individual's obligation through labor and family.' He does propose some specific steps in the right direction such as altering the current wage structure, creating more vocational programs (in both the public and private sectors), developing a fairer way to distribute school funding, and implementing basic national health care."


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