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Friday, August 05, 2005

Darren Spielman in the news

Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/05/2005 | Middle schoolers given extra boost: "Summerbridge, which wraps up today after six weeks, is not a typical summer-school program. Instead of helping youngsters who have fallen behind, Summerbridge's small classes give a boost to academically talented students. Blending academics with fun, the program tries to ensure they are prepared to take college-prep courses in high school.

'It's an intensive, academic-enrichment program for low-income kids in Philadelphia public middle schools,' said Darren A. Spielman, executive director of Summerbridge of Greater Philadelphia.

'The mission is to get these kids focused on learning and college and academic skills so they can get placed into the better high schools in the city.'

Summerbridge is free for students. Costs are covered by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations.

Now in its 10th year in Philadelphia, Summerbridge is affiliated with the Breakthrough Collaborative, a national, nonprofit organization founded in San Francisco in 1978 to help motivated middle school students."


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