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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Insomniac Columbus

Insomniac Columbus: "nsomniac: Columbus
Your Guide, John Kazalia From John Kazalia,
Your Guide to Columbus, OH.
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Jan 31 2005
Columbus Nightlife a Big Yawn?
I was excited to see the previews--Dave Attell was bringing his Comedy Central show here to see what great nightlife he could find.

And he didn't find much.

First of all, the winner of Comedy Central's guest host Insomniac contest was from Columbus, and they ate up several minutes on that. I knew we were in trouble when they counted out the winner's $1,000 prize 100 dollars at a time. Can you say 'filler' boys and girls?

Then we got to see what's happening around Columbus after hours. Apparently, it boils down to:

* lap dance at Private Dancer on Morse Rd.
* Arena District bars
* Short North window shop
* visits to the Pointe Tavern and Bob's Bar
* putting on a green somewhere
* renting a pile of XXX videos
* visits to St. James Tavern and Buckeye Donurs
* visit to the Outland Club
* time at the Dawson Hog Farm (should have been a cow farm)
* the end...with Dave riding off on a lawn mower (how appropriate)

Is that really all there is?

What about the downtown bars? The Columbus Dispatch recently listed these downtown hot spots, many in the new Long Street Entertainment District:"


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