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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

America's most spiritual descendants of Woody Guthrie

The most exciting tour of 05 is coming to Chicago the first week in April, says Dave Hoekstra in the Sun Times. Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard and Amos Lee (a Philly singer I've never heard of who's playing Schubas tonight.)
I'm tempted to go to multiple shows.

Merle is best known for "Okie from Muscogee." Less well know is his 2003 song, That's the News, that criticized the media hype for the war in Iraq.

On his website at the time, he wrote,
As a country we need to look inward for the answers to the energy of the future. We need to bring down our demands for oil, rebuild some bridges and highways and allow the farmers to grow something that replenishes the soil. Those who don't know what that is, should do some research. The problem is not in Iraq and the answers are not in Iran. I hope were not buried alive beneath this pending financial collapse if the pipeline doesn't get through. Surely everything doesn't depend on oil!
Coupled with Steve Earle's (for The Revolution Starts...Now) and Loretta Lynn's Grammy victories, its a good week for Country.


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