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Monday, February 28, 2005

"Netflix" list: The Wire plus

Wendy asked for my list. I have corporate awful Blockbuster, for the 2 free instore rentals a month; but in any case, here's my list (top 50, I have them a queue up to 115, which is dumb cause i only make it through 1-2 a week usually....

Priority # Movie Title Rating Availability Remove

The Wire: The Complete First Season - Disc 4 NR Available Now

Wire: The Complete Second Season - Discs 1-5

City of God R Long Wait

Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter PG Short Wait

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete First Season - Discs 1-2

Balkan Runner R Available Now

Some Kind of Monster - Disc 1 NR Long Wait

Station Agent R Short Wait

Fistful of Dollars R Available Now

Last Waltz [Special Edition] PG Short Wait

Super Size Me PG13 Short Wait

Punk: The Early Years Long Wait

Chappelle's Show: Season 1 - Uncensored - Discs 1-2

Five Easy Pieces R Available Now

Kikujiro PG13 Available Now

Romany Trail: Gypsy Music in Europe NR Short Wait

Demasiado Amor NR Available Now

Angels in America - Disc 1 NR Short Wait

Story of the Weeping Camel [WS] PG Available Now

Third Man [Special Edition] NR Short Wait

Angels in America - Disc 2 NR Available Now

Calendar Girls PG13 Short Wait

Carandiru R Short Wait

Das Boot [Superbit] [2 Discs] R Short Wait

Sting PG Very Long Wait

George Washington Short Wait

Bamboozled [WS] R Short Wait

Mystic River [WS] R Short Wait

Destiny of a Man NR Available Now

Monster R Short Wait

21 Grams R Short Wait

25th Hour R Short Wait

Moulin Rouge! PG13 Short Wait

House of Sand and Fog R Short Wait

Beautiful Mind [WS Awards Edition] PG13 Short Wait

Hard Eight R Short Wait

My Fair Lady G Short Wait

Ben Stiller Show - Discs 1 -2 NR Available Now

The Ladykillers [P&S] R Short Wait

Aimee & Jaguar Short Wait

Love Actually [WS] R Short Wait

Comedian R Short Wait

School of Rock [WS]


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