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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Whose News?"

I'll be back in Cambridge this week-- hopefully I'll miss the blizzard.
this is some of what's on the agenda:

The three dialogs

  • Mainstream Media (MSM) in the connected society: Will the traditions of professional journalism survive? Should they? What are the implications for society?
  • Technology, humanity and the global datastream: What’s going on? How will it benefit society?
  • We Media, the culture, and the common good: How we know, how we learn, how we trust in the emerging ecosystem of participatory, always-on media.

The story

We’ll create a story about the dialogs. Story makers have been assigned to each of three discussions. They’ll capture the proceedings with video and still cameras, recordings and notes. Key ideas will be projected on a screen as they occur. The story makers will share their findings, follow up with participants and decide how to present the story.


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