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Friday, March 04, 2005

Beatallica.org shut down, from Sony

Beatallica.org shut down, more Sony nastygrams fly

By Xeni Jardin

Xeni Jardin: David Dixon, "Webmaster of Puppets" for Beatles/Metallica parody-mashup act Beatallica , says:

Beatallica.org has been taken down by our ISP:

"Even though we have received your counter notice, we are required by law to disable access to the infringing material. However, we are going to restore that in 10 business days from the date we received the counter notice (February 24, 2005) unless required under the DMCA to do otherwise."

Andy Baio (waxy.org) and Matthew Haughey (music.metafilter.com) both still have Beatallica mp3's up on their sites. I've emailed them to get their okay on linking them up, as they'll likely be getting a ton of traffic (and possible Sony C&D's) as a result.

Also, I just received, via Certified Mail, a cease-and-desist letter of my own! It's directed at me personally, not the website or the band. It basically says the same things as the one our ISP got last Thursday, but also that I must *immediately*:

- cease exploiting Sony/ATV Compositions and all derivative works thereof;
- provide Sony/ATV with information regarding any and all audio and audio-visual product, merchandise and written material (electronic and otherwise), and any other product that incorporates or uses Sony/ATV Compositions yadda yadda
- provide Sony with an accounting of all sums received or earned in connection with the exploitation of the Sony/ATV Compositions... as well as the operation of the Sites
- compensate Sony/ATV in an amount to be discussed

I have ten (10) days to comply. By the way, our message board is still active, as is the online petition (now up to nearly 3000 signatures), if Boing Boing readers want to send some kind words our way.

Previously: Sony nastygrams Beatallica.org , Beatallica fans respond to Sony nastygram , Lars Ulrich of Metallica steps in .

Update Scott Matthews says:

Regarding Beatallica:

1) their site is still available via Archive: Link

2) Matt Haughey is running the audio here: Link

Song titles include "Blackened the USSR," "Got to Get You Trapped Under Ice," and "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be."

And BB reader andy points us to this torrent of the whole heap of Beatallica tunes: Link


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